China Conducting “Combat Patrols” in South China Sea

( – China has conducted “combat patrols” in the South China Sea at the same time that the United States is doing joint military exercises.

China announced that they’d be conducting these combat patrols a day after the United States said that they’d be conducting their first joint military exercises with the Philippines, Japan, and Australia.

Beijing’s People’s Libertarian Army said that they would be organizing “joint naval and air combat patrols in the South China Sea.” “All military activities that mess up the situation in the South China Sea and create hotspots are under control,” they said.

The United States has been adamant about making it known that they will defend the Philippines against an attack in the South China Sea. There is concern over rising issues between China and those entering the Sea. China has become increasingly assertive in the region which worries officials of a potential conflict.

China’s coast guard said that they “handled” a situation where they caught multiple ships from the Philippines that were engaging in illegal activity.

“Under the guise of ‘protecting fishing’, Philippine government ships have illegally violated and provoked, organized media to deliberately incite and mislead, continuing to undermine stability in the South China Sea,” said spokesman Gan Yu.

Gan said that they were making it clear that any Philippian infringement tactics are in vain and that they would enforce the law in these waters as well.

It’s said that the joint drills being conducted by the United States are meant to ensure the safety of the sea so that countries can travel wherever the law allows.

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