GOP Member Maintains Decision to Vote Against McCarthy

( – Following his election as the new chair of the Republican Freedom Caucus in Congress roughly a week ago, Virginia Representative Bob Good has stood by his decision to support the ouster of the former Speaker of the House, Republican California Representative Kevin McCarthy.

Good was among the small minority of Republicans in the House that voted to remove McCarthy as speaker, citing a number of concerns, chief among them the compromise he struck with congressional Democrats to pass a stop-gap bill that would keep the federal government funded. Joined by Florida Representative Matt Gaetz and six other members of the GOP in Congress, McCarthy was unseated after Democrats supported Gaetz’ motion to remove the California representative.

Speaking to news outlet Daily Caller, Good said that “it was the right decision” to remove McCarthy as speaker. He attributed the current challenges Congress is facing now – such as problems with the appropriations process – to the effects of McCarthy’s “failed leadership.”

Congress continues to grapple with the issue of the national budget, with Republicans and Democrats reaching a stalemate in a number of key issues. Out of the 12 appropriations bills Congress needs to pass in order to properly fund the federal government, only seven have been passed so far. However, Republicans in the House have to deal with the additional challenge of having a slim two-seat majority in Congress, following the expulsion of former New York representative George Santos and McCarthy’s planned retirement by the end of this year.

Still Good is confident that Republicans will be even more united after the trials they have experienced. He also points out that the Lower House is working at a faster pace than the Senate – which in turn is held by the liberals.

“We’ve been more efficient than the Senate,” Good said, adding, “It should be the mission of the Republican conference be united” in accomplishing its goals.

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