Graham Expresses Concern Over New 9/11-Level Attack

( – During a recent interview, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina expressed his utmost concern about the possibility of another 9/11-style terrorist assault on American territory, citing the current situation on the southern border as the main reason. Graham has voiced this concern more often since the atrocities occurred over twenty years ago.

While speaking with Kristen Welker on Sunday’s episode of Meet the Press on NBC, Graham commented on the ongoing border package talks between the White House and the US Senate.

Despite Graham’s optimism for the new year, he expressed his belief that a deal would not be achieved before the year’s end.

Graham said that when the White House became involved. Supplementary border security measures were handed over, but they had no effect on policy. The Senate is under the impression that they are being stifled. Nothing has been finalized. Everything will continue into the next year.

Testimony early in December by FBI Director Christopher Wray warned that terrorists could exploit the southern border. Wray had warned that there were warning signs everywhere that a terror attack could happen at any time.

According to Graham, the border was utterly destroyed between January of 2021 and now. To date, six million illegal trespassers have come in. So far this year alone, 3.6 million have arrived. The border is unsafe to visit because of the policies implemented by the Biden administration, and our nation is in danger. According to the head of the FBI, Since October 7th, terrorist organizations have wanted to strike us because we’re assisting Israel.

Graham said the border is destroyed, and we won’t settle for a temporary solution.

Meanwhile, on December 18th, Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) signed a measure that would allow law enforcement to arrest and return illegal immigrants. This would make Texas the first state in the US to do so. Bill SB 4 was signed into law in Brownsville, Texas, at the foot of the border wall.

The bill is comparable to a federal law in Title 8, United States Code 1325, which classifies unauthorized entry into the country as a misdemeanor for first-time offenders and a felony for second-time offenders.

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