Protestors Interrupt Class Taught by Hillary Clinton

( – Pro-Palestinian activists have once again targeted another public figure to rage on in the face of the ongoing crisis in the Middle East between Israel and Hamas.

Protesters chanting, “Hillary you can’t hide, you are supporting genocide!” followed former first lady, former senator, and former secretary of state Hillary Clinton as she walked through the International Affairs Building of Columbia University in New York, where she currently holds a teaching position.

A video of the protest was posted on social media by a group called the Columbia Students for Justice in Palestine.

The same students – many of whom were wearing face masks – also harassed Keren Yarhi-Milo, who is dean of Columbia’s School of International and Public Affairs, and another professor, Adlai E. Stevenson, who teaches international relations. The protesters also accused them of “supporting genocide” and chanted, “Shame on you!” while accusing the school of having “blood on its hands.” Signs held by the protesters included slogans like, “Viva viva Palestine,” and “Columbia funds apartheid”.

A spokesperson for the Columbia School of International and Public Affairs said that the school respects the right of the students to protest and express their opinions through “respectful speech.”

The protest was, however, not the first time Clinton and Yarhi-Milo have taken flak for their supposed support of Israel. Just several weeks ago, dozens of students staged a walkout in Clinton and Yarhi-Milo’s class. Clinton was currently giving foreign policy lecture at the time. More than 30 students participated, claiming that the school was allegedly “shaming” students who expressed support for Palestine.

Students claim that the university is somehow connected to a pro-Israel protest a few days earlier where trucks parked near the campus of the university had video screens showing the pictures of students who signed a declaration that blamed Israel for Hamas’ October 7 attacks on Israelis that saw more than 1,200 people dead.

Clinton and Yarhi-Milo are teachers in a class called “Inside the Situation Room,” which is designed to give students a closer look into the various factors that the country’s decision-makers consider when dealing with crises and issues of national and global significance.

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