Temu Under Fire for Questionable Sales Practices

(TheConservativeTimes.org) – Temu has been a popular UK online marketplace since its introduction last year. The site sells almost anything at bargain prices, from vehicle accessories to apparel. But The consumer advocate Which? found multiple illegal weapons on the site for £4.48. Anybody can purchase knives and axes, which have no age restrictions.

According to a report, Temu is a Chinese e-commerce platform managed by PDD Holdings, an Irish firm headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. It advertises widely and sells discounted products that are supplied straight to customers from China.

The Temu App was first released in September 2022, and since then, it has been downloaded tens of millions of times around the world. Temu has grown rapidly since its founding. By April 2023, their platform’s product sales had reached $400 million, a rise from three million dollars last September.

A report shows Which? researchers found illegal batons, folding knives, and covert knives. They identified six prohibited weapons and hundreds more listings for potentially harmful items. Researchers only had to search for ‘hidden’ weapons and knives to locate them. Many legally age-restricted things may be bought without verification, making the procedure straightforward.

Which? also noticed many mislabeled products when it received them. One axe had a label indicating it served as a knife to slice vegetables. The advocacy group recommended that Temu conduct more thorough inspections and monitoring and then remove any potentially dangerous items from sale.

Which?’s head of protection of consumers policy, Sue Davies, has warned that despite Temu’s meteoric rise in popularity over the last year, the app seems to be facilitating the distribution of unlawful and age-restricted goods. Temu responded, claiming that it takes all allegations of infractions extremely seriously, according to a company spokeswoman who spoke with a British media outlet. Temu is dedicated to complying with every regulation and law in all regions it operates.

Temu said that after receiving a report of someone under 18 buying a bladed object from the marketplace, they quickly deleted all connected product listings. They also launched an in-depth probe and evaluation of the procedures to bolster security measures and avert such occurrences.

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